Sketch Kits … see it

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I sketch, you sketch, we all sketch. The good thing about a playground / park is that anyone could come join in, kids, parents, anyone. I’m sketching something, and if someone comes along, curious, I ask if they’d like a portrait: I’ll sketch them and they can have it if they want it. And there are these supplies hanging around — and by making these on-site supplies, I will know exactly what it costs to make the takeaway supplies. And I should come back to this post and add to it over time to flesh out the vision.


If you find a developing documentarian who’s sensitive to these sorts of things, and patient, this videographer could tape hands sketching, sketches being sketched — it would be important for the sketchers to remain anonymous, because they’re kids, and I’d want to assure participants that they wouldn’t be identified / identifiable. So the documentation would be built up around the sketching itself. You’d see faces only in the drawings themselves when folks are making portraits. I believe the viewer would then start seeing faces differently, since the only faces seen in the documentary would be lines, and human beings have a thirst for seeing faces, so the thirst would shift how we view these sketches. I’m rambling.


Initially, the takeaway is that I’ll sketch anyone who wants to be sketched and then wants the sketch that’s done. And folks can make and give away sketches of each other. And maybe I’ll get some pictures of folks who will sketch me and give me the sketches, that would be cool!

Sketch Kits – I’m thinking that I could not have any takeaways the first time or two or three out. And that way, I could figure out what folks like. Anyway, what’s occurring to me is that

  • other folks could contribute to kits — before an event I could set up a contribution page, with a limited time period for contributing, perhaps a specific month of any events I can manage,
  • and I would just spell it out on the contribution page that when I do a sketching event (need a better word), anyone who really wants a kit (for himself or herself or a friend or a brother or sister, etc.) could have one, if there is one
  • and I get to make a quick sketch of anyone who takes a kit, because it’ll be cooler to have a quick sketch (I keep this one) than to have a photo, because it just is, and then…
  • I’d write a post about the sketch-up beforehand, and I would follow up with an account of how it went, and who took kits (just the sketch)
  • because I think that it would be interesting to the folks who contributed to be able to see a sketch of the folks that took kits; kind of gratifying

More to think through, on this post and its companion post, Sketch Kits … tell it.