The thing is …

Most of my life I’ve fantasized about how things might be, how one or another thing might happen that’s very worth happening. I’ve also fantasized about how to move an idea from one mind to another, how to show it, tell it, hand it over, pass it on.

Look three times where you thought it would be.

That’s a thing I’ve learned in life. I’m looking again at this fondest fantasy of telling a vision and then another vision and another. And even of winning a peek into other people’s visions, getting them to tell. And further, of collaborating, teaming up, playing around with other folks to tell a bunch of visions, a bunch of ways, to a bunch of whoever cares, whoever’s curious. And then, be it, do it, revision it.

Anything you can do has its problems; when you do what you most want to do, you’ll be solving the most interesting problems.

This is a thing I’m doing.

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